Joel Lavoie


Everset13, mix for Transmission du vide Radio show on CKUT Montréal, July

.More Than things, Sound design for a choreography by Emile Pineault, Made in Postdam, Fabrik Potsdam, Germany., January

.Performance at SEJF & DYM, Gorzów Wielkopolski, Poland, January

.Performance at Galeria Sztuki Współczesnej, Wkurvv Present Leżakowanie, Wroclaw, Poland January

.Performance at Madame Claude, Berlin, Germany January

.Performance at Backsteinboot, part of CTM/Vorspiel festival, Berlin, Germany January

.Performance at Scena Robocza, presented by FORMA, Poznan, Poland, January

.Avaler l’Hymalaya, Multi-disciplinary performance with Jocelyn Pelletier and Fabien Piché, Mois Multi, Québec city, Canada, February

.Live streamed performance, presented by Practice noise meditation series (Never-apart), Montreal, March 2020


.Residency at Signal Culture, Owego, New York, USA, January 2019

.Aalaapi, Sound design and spatialisation for a play presented at Théatre d’aujourd’hui January 2019

.Propositions & spéculations, Performance during the Nuit Blanche, Le Livart, Montréal, March 2019

.Density of sleep, Concert at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, Vilnius, Lithuania, may 2019

.Performance, 5 on 5 impro music and danse, Sala Rossa, March 2019

.Performance with Population II at la Sotterenea, Montreal, march 2019

.Literie Diplome, Music composition and performance with dancer Rosie Contant, KOHLENSTOFF event, Montreal, July 2019

.Normal Desires,  Live music on a choreography of Émile Pineault, New baltic dance festival, Vilnius, LT

.Performance presented by Never Ago, Le Livart, Montreal, September 2019

.Normal Desires, Live music on a choreography of Émile Pineault, CCOV, Montreal, CA


.EP Launch « Cabines », Eastern Bloc à Montréal, avril 2018

.Boutefeu, Live music and poetry, Cabarets Bâtards, Mainline Theater, Montreal, April 2018. 

.EP Launch « Cabines », Pantoum, à Québec, avril 2018

.EP Launch « Cabines », Fylkingen, à Stockholm, avril 2018

.Residency at Elektron Music Studion,  Stockholm, Sweden, april 2018

.OFFTA, Composition of the soundtrack of the OFFTA 2018 festival, April 2018

.Mythe, Sound design and spatialisation for a piece by Mykalle Bielinsky, OFFTA festival, may 2018

.Performance at La Vitrola, Data slum album launch, Montreal, may 2018

.Performance at Casa del popolo, Loupe de loop Vol. 2, Montreal, July 2018

.Performance at la plante, sleepover drone, Montreal, August 2018

.| Miru |, performance at the Bushwick Open Studios of MISE-EN_PLACE, New-York, USA, September 2018

.Pythagore mon corps, Music for a choreography by Stacey Desilier, Festival Quartier danse, Montreal, September 2019

.Performance at la Vitrola, Inductive prism XII, Montreal, October 2018

.MVT.PASSIVE, Performance at SAT for Substrat #3, Montréal, octobre 2018

.Normal Desires, Music and performance for a piece in collaboration with Emile pineault first showed at OFFTA 2018 (Montreal) and premiered at théatre Lachapelle, Montreal, November 2018


.Performance with Emilie Girard Charest, KOHLENSTOFF winter fest, Brasserie Beaubien, Montreal, January 2017

.Performance at Second Colony, Montreal, January 2017

.Performance at Sala Rossa, KOHLENSTOFF multiple album lauch, Sala Rossa, Montreal, November 2017

.Performance at Les Nautes, NON_JAZZ evening, Paris, France, December 2017

.Que nous Soyons, Music composition for a dance/circus piece by Claudel Doucet, presented at Possibles (375e de Montréal), February 2017

.Pythagore mon corps, Music composition of a video by Flamant, a choreography by Stacey Désilier

.Performance with musician Vicky Mettler and video artist Charline Daly, Ibrida*pluri festival, Eastern Bloc, Montreal, April 2017

Performance with vibrananda at Palindromo, Guadalajara, Mexico, July 2017

.Performance with Émile Pineault at the Happenning postpostpost of Peter James, Théatre La Chapelle, Montreal October 2017, Montréal


.Lavoie/Goff/Roy, Performance at Atomic Café, Montreal, January 2016

.Lavoie*Toninato, Performance at Casa del Popolo, Montreal, Feb 2016

.Performance at Détail, Paris, France, March 2016

.Lavoie/Toninato, Performance listener series, 820 Plaza, Montreal, September 2016

.Performance at La Vitrola, Montreal, September 2016

.Performance at Espace Public with Guillaume Vallée, Montreal, September 2016

.| Miru |, Audio visual performance premiered at Akousma XIII, Usine C, Montréal, October 2016

.Performance at Centre des Arts Actuels SKOL, Montreal, October 2016

.In the dazed, Music composition for a choreography by Marie-France Jacques and Julie Tymchuk,  showed at Rialto Montréal et Dark Horse festival Ottawa, November 2016


.Lavoie-Simon-Letourneau, Performance at Atomic Café, Montreal, CAN, Septembre 2015

.|Absolument| album launch on Kohlenstoff, Fonderie Darling, Montréal, CAN, July 2015

.Les dents, performance at Bar pub St-Denis, Montreal, CAN July 2015

.Mox Dependendum, Music and performance with Marie-France Jacques, Zone Homa, Montréal, July 2015

.La Putain de babylone, Sound design and spatialisation for a piece by Andreanne Leclerc, Théatre La Chapelle, Montreal, September 2015

.Playdate, Music composition and performance for a pice by La 2ieme porte à gauche, UQAM, Montréal, Décember 2015

.Sans titre, Performance with circus artist Jonathan Fortin, Carmagnole festival, Saint-Rémie-sur-le-Richelieu, CAN


.Révélations, Music composition for a choreography by Marie Béland, Tangente, Montréal, may 2014

.Aspires, Music composition for a choreography by Marie-France Jacques, la Baraque and Vue sur la relève, Montreal, april 2015

.Sans titre, Music composition for a performance of Alexa-Jeanne Dubé at the Soirée qui goûte mauve, OFFTA festival, Montreal


.Sans titre, Music and performance with Rosie Contant, soirée « champagne » of Théâtre à deux, Usine C, Montréal