| Miru | is a total listening experience. A proposition by composer Joel Lavoie, it unravels as a complex auditory story where the listener is invited to build his or her own hyper-sensitive world, tuning in beyond a simple auditory experience.

With an overload of visuals through intense oscillating lights, the audience is disoriented, ready to receive sound through a highly individual voyage. The music is produced and spatialized live from field recordings, sound manipulation and synthesis in a multi-channel sound system. During the performance, the audience faces a wall of lights, which intensifies and fluctuates, thus saturating his/her sight. Inspired by the Dream-machine of Bryon Gysin, these oscillations correspond to alpha wavelengths, triggering a state of trance and hyper-sensibility. The doors are then open for the music to touch some subconscious zones of the mind, otherwise influenced by reason. It is, in a way, an attempt to reinvent Pierre Schaffer’s reduced listening by provoking the senses instead of them being consciously driven. The listener then surrenders to sounds, images and to the sublime.

Presented for the first time at the Akousma XIII festival in 2016, an itteration of this performance has been presented in Guadalaraja, Mexico in 2017 

“… L’impression laissée est celle d’une foire itinérante lointaine avalée par un ouragan, rien de moins. ” – Philippe Desjardins, le canal auditif

“…Jouant habilement avec la limite entre « juste assez fort » et « un peu trop », Lavoie maintenait l’auditeur dans l’appréhension enthousiaste des instants à suivre…” – Pierre-Luc Sénécal, Voir